9Bet – Online Betting Platform

9Bet Overview: 9Bet is an online Betting platform, there are 9 ball’s inside userpanel, user able to bet any ball or multiple balls. admin able to control games, Ball’s, winner’s and schedules of Betting. our sports platform provides players with… Continue Reading

Champion – Bitcoin Based Prize Bond System

Champion Overview: Champion is an Online Prize Bond Management system, Its now easy to purchased prize bond online. anyone able to use it, its responsive, seo friendly, easy to use, support automated payment method and more. our platform provides players… Continue Reading

Next Gen Contact Form

Next gen contact form (AJAX+PHP) features a large collection of various forms created using Materialize framework (0.100.2 – latest). We have used CDN (Content Delivery Network) to make the webpage elements load faster. What’s included in the package ? There… Continue Reading

HumanAr Anatomy

Augmented reality offers new ways for users to interact with real and virtual 3D content in your app. However, many of the fundamental principles of human interface design are still valid. Convincing AR illusions also require careful attention to 3D… Continue Reading

AshElement-Elementor Page Builder Bundle

AshElement is the ultimate addon for elementor page builder. Now go live without switching between backend and frontend. PLUGIN FEATURES Live edit 15+ elements to design and developed Smooth transition of elements Complete typography,margin,padding,color controll for each and every elements… Continue Reading

ChatBull Lite – PHP Live Chat

Chatbull Lite is a Php Live Chat plugin to provide support to website visitors. It is built upon latest frameworks and technologies which includes CodeIgniter & AngularJS. Chatbull includes a huge list of features which helps entrepreneurs, small and large… Continue Reading

ChatBull Pro – PHP Live Chat Support with Desktop and Mobile App

For more information and support. Kindly visit us at: Chatbull Pro is a Php Live Chat plugin to provide live chat support for website visitors. It is built upon latest frameworks and technologies which includes CodeIgniter & AngularJS. Chatbull includes… Continue Reading

Majestic – Create documents from templates. Generate contracts and invoices

Majestic document generator Majestic document generator is a web software designed to create documents that follow a certain template, like contracts, invoices and other useful documents to a company Main Features Create document templates Export as PDF, DOC, HTML Import… Continue Reading

Christmas Card Gift Planet

The greatest gift in the world is the size of a planet! A beautiful Christmas card in planet format with several animations and colors. Some friends deserve this great gift. You can see the animation on the tablet and phone,… Continue Reading