AddCallChat – Add Video/Voice Calls and Realtime Chat to any app, with WebRTC, just few line of code

You probably need to add VOICE / VIDEO CALL and REALTIME CHAT to your app, but you do not know how and you do not want to pay every time your users make a call, right? So AddCallChat is your… Continue Reading

LiteBeacon Proximity Marketing App

LiteBeacon Proximity Marketing App Lets you create engaging proximity marketing campaigns with Bluetooth beacons in no time. Compatible with both iBeacon & Eddystone standard beacons. It eliminates compatibility issues with most of beacons available in the market, which makes it an… Continue Reading

Multi WebView + Admin Panel

Multi WebViewis a mobile app which run under Android platform that used for multi webview application, and support from Android 4.2 and higher. You can convert your website into a native mobile application. You can manage unlimited usersand unlimited websitesper… Continue Reading

String Tools – The Best of Useful String Manipulation Utilities

String Tools is an application that perform common string manipulations such as reversing a string, calculating a string’s length, remove accents,… Functions: Reverse Text Word Counter Create Palindrome String Upside Down Text Case Converter: Sentence case Lower case Upper Case… Continue Reading

Progressive Android Web App For Ecommerce

Progressive Android Web App For Ecommerce We will also show you our clients App and website on Opencart/Magento/Magento2/Prestashop/Abantecart ecommerce CMS. PWA Ecommerce Android App is a Android based application for Android devices. It’s easy to use, with simple and beautiful design. This… Continue Reading

Acacia – The Node.js Proxy Server

Acacia – The Node.js Proxy Server Acacia is the Node.js proxy server. Entirely written in Node.js, it supports reverse proxy, load balancing, static file serving, Let’s Encrypt automatic free SSL certificates, pathname rewriting, changing origin, custom headers, path mounting and… Continue Reading

My Place Finder (Full Android App Google + Custom Outlets + Offers + Firebase)

Overview My Place Finder appis a location finding app.Through this app users can find any nearby place easily with the help of categories. All the categories are mentioned below, users can easily find their destination with this new generation application.… Continue Reading

Quiz App for Facebook Instant Games

Quiz App for Facebook Instant Games Quiz App is built with VueJS technology which makes it very easy to use, edit and deploy. It is a single page application and no database required. It was built and optimized for Facebook… Continue Reading