Expenses And Received Management System

Drs Expenses & Received Management System is an application to manage account received , due and daily expenses. Features Add daily received,due and expenses transactions. Date To Date report for received , due and expenses transactions. Graphical representation of last… Continue Reading

Crowen – Crowd Fundraising Platform

Crowen is an innovative online Crowdfunding platform that connects donor and Fundraiser from around the world. Its comes with all common features needs to run a fundfaising website or business. its Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. its comes… Continue Reading

Socileo – Social Network Promotion Platform

Socileo is an innovative Social Promotion Platform that connects Buyers who needs Social likes, comments, traffic, backlink with such service Provider. its Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. its comes with one-click installer thats help to install our system… Continue Reading

Renten – Car Rental Platform

RenTen is a Car Rental platform that connects Passengers and Car Provider from around the world. Our unique system guarantees Passengers that a Ride paid is a Ride successfully done, while Car Provider that successfully complete a Ride get paid.… Continue Reading

Comuter – Discussion Community Forum

Comuter Is a full flex Forum Website Script Comes with PHP Laravel. Our Forum Script provides businesses with a flexible and customizable way that helps to build and maintain your own online Forum portal. With our forum script you can… Continue Reading

InBefore – News Aggregator, Search Engine, YouTube Downloader

InBefore is an automated news aggregator, that can import latest content from unlimited RSS feeds. With no-cost Google CSE based search engine that searches different portions of the web. A fully functioning YouTube downloader, that can detect YouTube URLs and… Continue Reading

AWS Amazon S3 File Uploader

Description: AWS Amazon S3 File Uploaderallows you to upload and share easily any file types and sizes with virtually unlimited number of files uploaded. It allows you to set size and file type restrictions both at client and server side… Continue Reading

LaraOffice Ultimate CRM and Project Management System

LARAOFFICE ULTIMATE CRM LaraOffice Ultimate CRM and Project Management System is complete dynamic multi-login software which manages the daily sales, customer follow-ups, meetings, invoices, marketing, services & orders. LaraOffice Ultimate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software solution is… Continue Reading

ArcInspire – Online Course Platform

ArcInspire is a Learning Management System that works like Udemy. Multiple instructors create courses, students enrol to the courses and pay via different gateways – Stripe, RazorPay and PayPal. Demo Credentials Admin user:/ secret Normal user:/ secret You can visit… Continue Reading