Fire Push – WordPress SMS & HTML Web Push Notifications (WooCommerce)

Send Web Push or SMS Notifications with WordPress With our plugin you can easily send HTML5 Web Push or SMS notifications with WordPress. Send Live and Background notifications and increase traffic sales and more! WooCommerce is supported too. Fire Push… Continue Reading

3D Spherical Image Gallery | WordPress Plugin

About 3D Spherical Image Gallery for WordPress is a unique state of the art WordPressplugin, which transforms your media gallery into an interactive infinite spherical gallery. The plugin uses for rendering 3D graphics. 3D Spherical Image Gallery features Unlimited number… Continue Reading

WooCommerce Whatsapp Order

In today’s modern world mobile are the fastest source of communication. With every passing day businesses are utilizing this facility to interact with customers to ensure close interaction and minimize the possibility to lose potential deals and customers. Progos –… Continue Reading

Shopify Connector for WooCommerce

Shopify Connector for WooCommerce With the help of Shopify Connector for WooCommerce, integrate your WooCommerce store with Shopify store then synchronize products, categories, and orders between the platforms. With the help of WooCommerce Shopify Connector module, the merchants can import/export… Continue Reading

MapSVG.Gallery: gallery / slider / lightbox – add-on for MapSVG WordPress mapping plugin

This is add-on for . Compatible with MapSVG version >= 4.0.3. Demo: With MapSVG.Gallery add-onyou can create a gallery in Popovers or Details View using images attached to your Regions or Database Objects. Set gallery type, thumbnails size, margins, background… Continue Reading

WooCommerce Quick View

Get Product Information quicker Imagine you have customers who need to quickly view your products: How bad would it be if every customer has to open them in a new tab or window? That’s where our plugin jumps in. With… Continue Reading

Jeg Font Preview – WooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin

Jeg Font Preview – WooCommerce Extension A powerful font preview plugin, easily showcase your font with your favorite themes that support WooCommerce. Easily Sell Fonts with WooCommerce Sell ​​your fonts using the most widely used eCommerce WordPress plugin: WooCommerce and… Continue Reading

HT QR Code Generator for WordPress

HT QR Code Generator is a WordPress plugin to generate QR code from the WordPress dashboard. Elementor widget, WordPress widget, and Shortcodes are available to generate QR codes. This plugin helps to generate QR code for custom text/link, mail-to link,… Continue Reading