Coloring Book Paint With Admin Panel Ready For Publish


Easy Drawing Book app is one of the best creative learning app
for kids.

This is the best Coloring Book Paint for kids and Adult. A lot
of beautiful illustration to colorize with beautiful colors you can
choose from all the available brushes. When done, you can share it
with your friends.

It is an application for all ages that encourages and helps to
learn, develop creativity in an intelligent and fun way.

Admin Panel Login Details


Password: demo



  • Google Admob integration.
  • Painting Brush & Pencil: to step up your game choose how
    you want to paint. For just filling a large space use brush and to
    draw more finely use pencil.
  • Magic Brush: specially designed brushes for stamping the canvas
    with images that enhances the painting.
  • Easy Eraser: Erasing is always an option when drawing. Easily
    erase what you have drawn.
  • Zoom in & Zoom Out: Zoom In the canvas to draw at those
    tight spaces.
  • Undo & Redo: Easily Undo and Redo if you make any mistake
    while Coloring.
  • Atickers: Add amazing stickers to your drawing to make it more
  • Add Text Art: Write your name or any other text you like.
  • Easy Customization


What You Get?

  • Full Android And Panel Source Code.
  • Full Document with Screenshot.





Before purchasing, first check out the app features clearly in
the demo app. Everything is clearly shown in the demo app. We
provide support if there is any crashing or errors occur in our
code. Extended buyers must contact with Author after


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Coloring Book Paint With Admin Panel Ready For Publish

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