Cookstudio-Recipe App By Flutter With AdMOb

Cookstudio-Recipe App By
Flutter Both Android and IOS

Cookstudiois a cross-platform
Android and Ios appfull of recipes. With this
template you can create your own
recipe applicationwith beautiful design! It is
quick, easy and affordable. Cookstudio app has many clever built-in

This template provides you easy way to make your own app. It
does not require programming skills. Code is
easily configurable and customizable. There is
just one config file to setting up everything. Project is
well documented. Create your own app in less than
15 minutes without any special knowledge! It’s easier than you

Cookstudio app stores recipes in a local SQLite database. You
don’t need any server and users can run the app without internet
connection. See the full list of features below.

We have a lot of experience with developing Flutter apps. Our
priority is to create
top qualityproducts with beautiful design, write a
clean codeand make apps easily configurable and
customizable. We are following Design Guidelines and permanently
watching new trends.

We are always here to help you. Happy customer is the most
important thing for us. We offer
post-purchase support, free lifetime updates and
step-by-step documentation.


  • Developed by Flutter
  • Support Both Android and IOS
  • List of recipes
  • Recipe detail screen (ingredients, instruction)
  • Simple no-server solution (no need to pay for backend and
    maintain it)
  • Data (categories, recipes, ingredients) is stored in local
    SQLite database
  • AdMob (adaptive banners and interstitial ad)
  • Splash screen (launch screen)
  • Home Screen with categories
  • Favorite recipes
  • Ingredients list
  • Images loaded from locally
  • App works in offline mode
  • Top quality clean code created by experienced senior Android
  • Easy configuration
  • Well documented
  • Free support

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interested? Check this:



Thank you everyone to visit my product. If you have any feedback
about our product please feel free to share with us.

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Cookstudio-Recipe App By Flutter With AdMOb

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