Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

Gridzy is usable as vanilla JavaScript or jQuery plugin. If
you‘re looking for a WordPress plugin of this item, .

Gridzy is a gallery that is easy to use and that always adjusts
to your respective layout. It’s fully responsive and highly

Gridzy focuses on performance, accessibility and stability while
providing best experience for users of any device. It doesn’t have
dozens of fancy effects and skins, but forms a good basis for your
own cool stuff.

Actually Gridzy doesn’t need any other javascript library, but
you can use it as a jQuery-plugin if you like.

What People Say:


1.3– May 11th 2016

  • bugfix for FF and IE (slow loading images where distorted
  • bugfix for FF and Chrome (slow loading images where displayed
    in original size and over the grid sometimes)
  • bugfix for Chrome (sometimes the grid couldn’t render correctly
    after reloading the page)

1.2– April 13th 2016

  • various implementations for better loading behaviour:

    – new option “preventInitialAnimation” (false by default)

    – prevent jumping elements during loading by usage of width and
    height attributes.

    – lazy loading – to load only visible images

    1.1– March 25th 2015

    • minor bugfix for old android browsers (images where distorted
      in certain configurations)
    • additional demo example included: combined with

    1.0– Jan. 10th 2015

    • published

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Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

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