Grupo Pro – Chat room script

Grupo is a
use-friendly & easy to install-able JSON based
PHP chatroom script with more than 50
Features. Grupo chat rooms are equipped with security
features that make hackers and spammers a thing of the
past. No Flash, Java, or other browser plugins are needed to
run your chat room. Easily create your own chat room without
any knowledge of coding. The options and features in your
chat room can be adjusted according to your preference. 

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  1. Password Protected Group

    Create Password Protected Group which is accessible to those
    users who have the password of that group.

  2. Private Messaging (One to One Chat)

    One to One Chat allows you to privately chat with a user apart
    from the group chat room.

  3. Login as Guest

    Users can login to your Grupo without needing a username and
    password. Grupo has the capability of turning off the Guest

  4. Filter Messages

    Detect and censor bad words, swear words and profanity in a
    given chat message.

  5. Files Storage or Manager

    One central hub for online file storage, file sharing, and


  6. Like System

    The Like button is an easy way to show appreciation for a
    message. Click the Like button on any message, and show your
    appreciation. Click the Like button again to unlike.

  7. Auto Delete Messages

    An interesting feature in the app is its ability to help you
    set a timer for the messages to be deleted automatically.

  8. Email Invitations

    Add non-members to group by inviting them to join by sending
    email invitations.

  9. User Mentions

    Mention users in group conversations to grab their attention!
    Mentioned user will get email & system notification.

  10. Custom Profile Fields

    You can also create custom profile fields like country of
    residence, birthday, manager, Twitter handle, and more. Custom
    profile fields are always optional, and do not appear in users’
    profiles until they fill them out.

  11. Apperance Customizer

    Inbuilt customizer allows  you to  change the colors
    and background of elements that appear throughout your site. 

  12. Cross browser compatibility 

    Grupo works with almost all browsers.  Grupo make sure
    everybody can view your website in the same way. 

  13. Set Delete Messages Within time

    If a user send a message & he/she didn’t mean to send or
    send something to the wrong person, he/she will now be able to
    delete the message within a set expiry time after sending it on
    Messenger. You can set the expiry time in Grupo settings.

  14. Create or Manage User Roles

    Grupo user roles help you create, manage users with specific
    access. Allows you to manage who can access certain Grupo features
    & who can’t.

  15. User Profiles

    Every user will have their own Profile page which display user
    stats and user custom fields data. 

  16. Ban IP address

    An extremely powerful antispam plugin that blocks IP addresses
    from visiting Grupo.

  17. Limit Login Attempts

    Limit rate of login attempts and block IP temporarily 
    which provides high security and limits your Grupo access.  It
    also safes from Brute Force Attacks.

  18. Ten+ Password Encryptions

    Passwords are encrypted by the Ten+ random algorithm before
    they are stored in the database. Password encryption will help you
    to make your app more secure.

  19. Profile Deactivation

    Users can temporarily deactivate their  account to take a
    little break from Grupo and choose to come back whenever they want.

  20. Stand By Mode

    Users can manually set their status to idle if they wish. As
    for what the idle status means, it is typically interpreted as you
    are away or do not intend to use Grupo even if you are at your

  21. Multi-Language Support 

    Translate your site in multiple languages in the easiest way.
    Grupo is all built around language localization and lets you change
    the language strings of any text on your website without having to
    modify a single line of code.

  22. User Avatar

    Grupo User Avatar enables you to use any photo uploaded into
    your Avatar Library as an avatar. 

  23. Custom Avatar or Profile Pic

    You can upload your own profile picture other than default
    avatars in Grupo to use as an avatar in conversations.

  24. Emoji Picker

    Emoji picker lets you Send an emojis in a message interaction.
    It also comes with an extensive search functionality that helps
    easily get emoji by categories.

  25. Email Notifications

    An automatic email notification is sent to inform your members
    about changes or updates of grupo activities.

  26. Embed Videos

    Automattically Converts youtube, dailymotion, twitch, youku
    & vimeo video links to embeded code. Play videos without
    leaving Grupo.

  27. System Notifications

    Notifications are sent out to your members as soon as one of
    the following things happen: Mentions, Replies, One to one Chat,
    Group Invitations & many more.

  28. Convert URL into Link

    This features allows automatically converts multiple URLs into
    links. Make an <a> tag out of an URL. 

  29. Mobile version

    Grupo should work on most mobile smartphone browsers in the
    same manner it works on desktop browsers. You can customize the
    mobile experience in a few different ways.

  30. Share Files

    Allows the members of a Grupo site to share videos, pictures,
    files, literally anything online with other members.

  31. Group & Messages Abuse reporting

    Gives your members the possibility to report a messge or grupo
    as inappropriate. Let your members assist you in making a better

  32. Set Shared Files download time

    Members have to download files shared within a set time. Once
    expired the files are automatically deleted fromt he server. You
    can set the file download expiry time in Grupo settings.

  33. Reply to a specific message

    Ability to reply to a specific message in a conversation.
    Select the Reply button for a specific message to reply to that

  34. GDPR Cookie Consent

    A simple way to get GDPR Cookie Consent as per EU GDPR/Cookie
    Law regulations. Style it to match your own website.

  35. Multi Device Login

    Uers can sign in to their account simultaneously from multiple
    locations with same username and password from unlimited
    devices/browsers at a time. 

  36. Custom CSS

    Add Custom CSS to your Grupo app without any hassles. Allow you
    to add cascade stylesheet to specific elements.

  37. Headers & Footers

    Allows you to add extra scripts to the header and footer.
    Insert ads, text, media content and external service’s code.

  38. Email Verifications

    Grupo Email Verification module verifies the email address of
    user by sending the verification link to the email of a user at
    registration time.

  39. Oflline Mode

    There may be situations when users just want to browse
    undisturbed. At those times users can turn on Offline Mode.

  40. Log In as Another User

    System Administrators or role with login as user privelleage
    can log in as any user in your website without asking internal
    end-users to grant login access.

  41. Easy Installer

    Grupo is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most
    circumstances, installing Grupo is a very simple process and takes
    less than five minutes to complete.

  42. Custom Background

    Custom Background Changer allows users to very easily add
    seperate custom background image on their user profile.

  43. Set Timezone

    Let user decide their timezone. Members are able to change the
    default timezone using edit profile.

  44. Sound notificaitons

    Sound Notifications are played when a user receives a new
    message in a chatroom, direct message or group chat. 

  45. Delete or ban users

    Delete User Account and Personal Data or Ban a user from
    logging into their Grupo account.

  46. Prevent direct access

    Prevent Direct Access provides a simple way to protect user
    files as well as prevent Google, other search engines and unwanted
    users from indexing and stealing other user files.

  47. JSON with Ajax

    Grpo use JSON to pass AJAX updates between the client and the
    server. JSON with Ajax retrieve data from a server asynchronously
    without interfering with the display and the behavior of the
    existing page.

  48. Lazy Loading

    Lazy loading Instantly improve Grupo load time and dramatically
    improve users experience. 

  49. Invite users

    Users can invite anyone to become a member of their group using
    their username or email address.

  50. Google Recaptcha

    Protect your website against spam and brute-force attacks.
    Google reCaptcha is a popular service providing anti-abuse security
    to protect your application. 

  51. Enable/Disable User Registration

    You can enable or disable new users from registering to your
    site. You can enable or disable user-registration by routing to
    Grupo Settings.

  52. Custom 404 Page

    A 404 page is what a user sees when they try to reach a
    non-existent page on your site. Grupo is built in with Custom 404

  53. Boxed or full width layout

    Grupo comes with 2 main layouts for your site, Full-Width or
    Boxed. You can change the layout by routing to Grupo Settings.

  54. Track/Manage reported Abuse

    Users can track the status of their complaints. Group admin
    & moderators are able to manage the status of existing

  55. Live search

    A very fast live search module that sorts search results by

  56. Auto Group Join

    Auto-join new users to a Grupo group. You can automatically
    join new users to an existing group on your site by routing to
    Grupo Settings.

  57. Export Chat History

    Users can use the export chat feature to export a copy of the
    chat history from an individual or group chat.

  58. Bulk Upload Files

    Allows Users to upload files in bulk into Grupo from thier

  59. Speedy & Secure

    Grupo chat rooms are equipped with security features that make
    hackers and spammers a thing of the past.

  60. &​ Lots More
  61. Do you have any questions?

    We know there are going to be times when you need our help.
    Please feel free to contact us anytime. –


    Login Details

    • Role: Admin

      Username: admin

      Password: pass

    • Role: User

      Username: user

      Password: pass

    • Role: Group Admin

      Username: groupadmin

      Password: pass

    • Role: Group Moderator

      Username: moderator

      Password: pass

      Installation Services

      We do provide Installation Services for free of cost. Once you
      have purchased Grupo, send us an email to with your hosting panel
      login details. Our favorite quote is, “ease your customers’

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Grupo Pro – Chat room script

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