Icon Generator

Icon Generator has hundreds of individual icon pages what can be
found and indexed by search engines. This script allows people to
customize icons from the font awesome 4.7 icon set and download
them in png format to use in their websites, applications and
projects. All icons have their views and download statistics saved
so icons can be sorted by views, downloads and popular on the index
page. This script is lightweight and doesn’t
require you to create a database.


  • Hundreds of indexable pages
  • SEO friendly urls
  • All major browser support (IE11+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox,
  • No excessive use of libraries
  • Fully XHTML 1.0 transitional
  • Modern flat design
  • Mobile responsive


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Apache .htaccess
  • file_get_contents & file_put_contents enabled


v1.0 [22.11.2017]
- initial release
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Icon Generator

Download - Icon Generator

Download this file @ Usenet.nl (icon-generator.zip)