jEmbed WordPress – Link preview and embedding

jEmbed is a WordPress plugin for embedding all kind of media,
content and websites. It also can create link previews via
popovers, which are fully supporting desktop and mobile

It’s extremely easy to use the plugin and it also supports
products’ description and short description in WooCommerce. Just
insert a
@previewor an
@embedflag in the text of the link. That’s

The plugin supports lazy load and lazy code injection to provide
the best performance and to reduce mobile data usage. Your cards
will load only if they are truly visible on the screen.

The tool is using the API, which is one of the most
powerful API for embedding contents. The plugin is highly
configurable, it supports dark and light themes and all of the
native options of

You can embed a content or create a link preview almost from
everything, besides the usual embedding a website the API supports
650+ dedicated providers.

The plugin contains all of the necessary files (JS, CSS and
PHP), just install the ZIP file. jEmbed uses, which will
be include automatically. By buying this package you will not buy
an subscription, but you don’t need any. The plugin will
use’s free features, but if you have a subscription you
can configure the plugin to use it. I am using WordPress 5.2 with
the Hestia theme On the demo page.

If you are looking for the jEmbed jQuery plugin, you can find it
here on !

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jEmbed WordPress – Link preview and embedding

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