Out-of-the-Box | Dropbox plugin for WordPress

Say hello to the most popular WordPress Dropbox
Outofthebox is a user-friendly, highly
customizable, innovative Dropbox integration plugin for WordPress
that displays your Dropbox files in a beautiful way. No coding
skills required!

OutoftheBox– current version 1.16 available for

The #1
Ultimate Dropbox plugin

Say hello to the
most popular WordPress Dropboxplugin! Outofthebox
is a user-friendly, highly customizable, innovative Dropbox
integration plugin for WordPress that displays your Dropbox files
in a beautiful way. No coding skills required!

It is really easy to start building your WordPress website with
Out-of-the-Box – there are just a few clicks to make:

  • Link your Dropbox account to the plugin with just 1 click!
  • In the WordPress Page or Post editor, open the Out-of-the-Box
    Shortcode Builder and choose a pre-configured mode
  • Select the Dropbox Folder which should be used as starting
    point for the plugin
  • Simply adjust the shortcode in the Shortcode Builder via
    intuitive controls and options
  • Insert the Shortcode and publish your page!

Outofthebox is the #1 Ultimate Dropbox plugin for WordPress on
the market – and part of a series of Cloud Plugins
already powering 10.000+ company websitesimproving
their workflow. Join now and start using your Dropbox even more
efficiently by integrating it on your website!

in real action, before you it



  • WordPress 4.5+
  • jQuery 1.11+ (any site running WordPress 4.5+ should be using
  • At least PHP 5.5 with cURL extension


Press Commentary

“This plugin has a stack of features (check out the plugin site
for more details) and support is quick. This is definitely a plugin
worth checking out if Dropbox is an essential part of your
WordPress workflow.”

File Browser

Looking for the best solution to manage your Documents on a
WordPress site? Just use this File Browser and
manage your Documents easilyvia the Dropbox
platform. The File Browser will make sure that your files are
automatically shown on your WordPress site.


Tired of the process of uploading, selecting and building your
gallery on a WordPress site? The Out-of-the-Box Gallery will
automatically build an amazing Galleryfrom your
Dropbox Folders.


Audio Player & Video Player

Stream media directly from your Dropbox with a HTML 5
mediaplayer with flash-fallback. Supported formats:
oga &
webmv (Vorbis/VP8).

Upload to the Cloud

The plugin comes with a nice Upload Box which allows your users
to upload Files to your Dropbox. This Box is extra powerful in
combination with the User Folder feature, which allows you to
create a Client Area on your Dropbox.

Search Files by name and contents

Let your users search your files by file name and extension.
When using Dropbox Business, you have the ability to use the
full-text search which allows you to search beyond the names of
your files.

Inline Preview

Directly see your Documents or Pictures in an amazing Lightbox
that is included in the plugin. Out-of-the-Box is also able to
render your Office documents so people don’t need to download them
before they can see the contents.

Embed Files

Just want to embed Documents directly on your WordPress Page or
Post? You can use the Out-of-the-Box Embed button in the WordPress
Editor and the plugin will make sure that your selected documents
are nicely integrated into your page.


Create a shared link if you want anyone to be able to click a
link to access your file. People don’t need a Dropbox account to
view your file.



User Folders

Easily and securely share documents via Dropbox with your
clients. The User Folders feature allows your clients to preview,
download and upload documents to their own private folder. You can
link your WordPress Users manually to their own folder or let the
plugin handle this for you!

All in the Cloud

Dropbox can ease the burden on your server, reducing disk space
by storing your website’s heavier elements externally. Instead of
copying files to your server, this plugin will manage the files
directly on Dropbox. Users will download files directly from
Dropbox increasing performance and saving you bandwidth!

Awesome Media Player

The Media Player has amazing skin and supports powerful features
like: playlists,playback speed, captions,etc.

User Permissions

The plugin perfectly integrates into the WordPress User system
allowing you to select which User Roles should have the permission
to view, download, upload, rename, delete files or folders.

Shortcode Builder

Adding Out-of-the-Box has never been easier! Although it has an
impressive number of options, even beginners will manage to
implement the plugin to their wishes with our intuitive



Do you want to track if someone downloads & uploads files?
The notification system can send you customizable emails when this
happens! In combination with the Dropbox App notifications, you
will immediately know when a client needs your attention!

Optimized Performance

Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that
Out-of-the-Box also loads lightning fast! Our intelligent Caching
System will make sure that everything is running smoothly!

Object Oriented Code

Out-of-the-Box uses the most advanced and most effective
programming patterns, to get the best results for your site.


Multilingual Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation. Do you want to
contribute to the plugin? The purchase costs of the plugin
will happily be refunded if you send in a new translation

Responsive Design

Your content will look great on both desktop and mobile sites
whether it is a File Browser, Gallery, Upload box or a Media


Smart Loading

To save your time and bandwidth, it includes only the javascript
files that are used on the page – no extra traffic and faster

Lifetime Update – Free of Charge

We offer automatic updates, free of charge. Stay up to date with
Out-of-the-Box and receive our latest releases and

Professional Support

First released in 2013, our plugin has since then been
constantly been improved in terms of features, usability and
beginner-friendliness. When you have questions, comments or
problems, just create a Ticket!

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Out-of-the-Box | Dropbox plugin for WordPress

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