Shortme – Ultimate URL Shortener

Shortme is a complete URL Shorter Website Script Comes with
Paid URL Shorter Service. is a PHP Laravel script that takes long
URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters like or adfly.
admin able to set banner, advertisement, google adsense or site url
when someone browse via short URL. User will receive a little
amount when there short URL get more clicks. admin will earn from
banner ads, url traffice or adsense.

User Features:

Cross Browser Optimized.

OneClick URL Shorter.

KnowledgeBase & Contact.

Easy to signup & signin.

Informative User Dashboard.

Unlimited URL Shorten.

Monthly Clicked Ad Report.

Campaigns Management.

Transaction Report.

Easy to Withdraw Earning.

Earning History.

Account Management.

Support Ticket Desk.

And More…..

Admin Features:

Secure Admin Dashboard.

Advertise Management.

Banner Management.

Adsense SCRIPT Management.

KnowledgeBase Management.

TOS Management.

User Management.

Withdraw Method Settings.

Withdraw Request Management.

Support Tickets Management.

Website Settings.

Email & SMS Notification Settings.

Contact & Social Links Management.

Team & Testimonials Management.

Service Management.

And More…..

Script Comes

  • Excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework.
  • Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption.
  • Demo Access:


    Admin Access:

    Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin


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    sales developer support request, customization project and any
    other queries to our dedicated support:

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    Shortme – Ultimate URL Shortener

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