WooCommerce Live Customer Analysis

Businesses that interacts with potential customers online are better placed to build a connection and increase their revenues, with WooCommerce Live Customer Analysis plug-in helps you to do detailed analysis of your current Live customers on site, you can get… Continue Reading

Easy Google Fonts

Short Description A simple and easy way to add custom Google fonts to theme without coding. It’s compatible with any theme. Benefits for Merchants Ability to select any available Google web font in the theme administration pages, and have those… Continue Reading

Laraship SAAS : Powerful Subscriptions, Payments, Invoicing, Content Management, Administration.

Laraship is an administration platform for any SAAS application, powered By Laravel 5.5 and Stripe to provide a comprehensive set of features for any subscription platform. User Management. Profile Management: with Profile image cropper. Access Control: including Roles and Permissions… Continue Reading

Databasr MySQL Administration Interface

Databasr is a lightweight MySQL database administration interface. This application aims to simplify the administration process of maintainance and developing other applications. MyISAM and InnoDB are fully supported. Databasr is very new and we want to fit with your requirements… Continue Reading