Firebase Admin Dashboard With Auto API & Form Builder

Firebase Admin Dashboard With Auto API & Form Builder It is a Firebase dynamic admin panel that works for every firebase live database. You can manage the whole database from one place after configure its. Now in you are able… Continue Reading

Dizzcox – Multipurpose Website CMS & Business Agency System

DizzcoxMultipurpose Website & Agency Business CMS is the perfect construction business or any kind of website with this PHP Script. Dizzcox is a better way to present your business, corporate website, construction website, interior, agency website etc. It’s easy to… Continue Reading

SmoothBackground – jQuery Smooth Background Plugin

SmoothBackground – jQuery Smooth Background Plugin This simple plugin is designed to smoothly change the background or color of the text. It allows you to choose the duration of the animation, delay, colors and much more. Good luck! Options: Colors–… Continue Reading

Dynamic Step Process Panels

Latest Version: 16.07.2014 – v1.7. Dynamic Step Process Panelsis a lightweight jQuery plugin. With it you can present data in the form of any number of steps or tabs. It can be used to: Presentation Of Bulleted Content, Creating Multistep… Continue Reading

Multipurpose Business Website for Company, Agency, Startup

Demo Links Front End Link : Admin Panel Link : Email : Password : 123456 Description Are you a business owner (company, agency, freelancer ..) or thinking to start a business ? If yes, this script is a for you.… Continue Reading

PlusAgency – Business Agency CMS & Website Management System

PlusAgencyis a business website CMS (Content Management System). It has a powerful Admin panel where you can create & manage this business CMS. You can create and manages services, porfolios, blogs, quotes, faq and more. It has almost all the… Continue Reading

MyAgency – Multipurpose Corporate Business Service Agency Website Management System

“MyAgency” is a complete solution for Corporate Business Website and Management System. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to make a corporate business website. Paypal is integrated for easy payment transaction. It has many important section whice are important… Continue Reading

Easy Comment System (no mysql)

About “Dynamic comments” is a jQuery/PHP plugin that allows webmasters to easily integrate an ajax comment system in their websites. The file Does not require a mysql Database How it works The script detects the full url of the webpage… Continue Reading

Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

Gridzy is usable as vanilla JavaScript or jQuery plugin. If you‘re looking for a WordPress plugin of this item, . Gridzy is a gallery that is easy to use and that always adjusts to your respective layout. It’s fully responsive… Continue Reading

Firebase And Firestore FireAdmin – admin panel console

FireAdmin is advance dynamicadmin panel that works for every firebase live database configuration and from v3 with Firestore. It is based on . No coding skills needed. Just follow our docs to setup the app.js file and you are up… Continue Reading