Online Word Quiz + Image Guess Puzzle Game for Android

Description: Online Word Quiz – Image Guess Puzzleis an Android app lets you adding unlimited number of levels and unlimited number of puzzles inside each level using Online Realtime Firebase database so you can update your puzzles online directly, the… Continue Reading

Android News App with WordPress Theme

Demos Available Try before buy. Install the app from Google Play Store and check out yourself. There is a WordPress installation as well to test the plug-in functionality. However to prevent spammers not all the features are accessible for the… Continue Reading

Stranger Chat (Random Chat) – Firebase Free Database, Chat with Stranger around the world

This Stranger Chat App. Is One to One Realtime Chat app to talk with random people around the world. Develop using Android Studio, Firebase. Hey Stranger Chat is 1. Completely free app. Unlike any other app it does not induce… Continue Reading

Groupy – Group Chat Messenger App like GroupMe

Groupythe free, simple way to stay connected with those who matter most. It’s like a private chat room for your small group. Have as many as you want, and it’s always free. Now, you can coordinate with coworkers, organize a… Continue Reading

React App Builder – Unlimited number of apps

Hi, Welcome to React App Builder. Let’s see what it is. About React App Builder React App builder is DIY – Do it yourself mobile app builder where you can make an unlimited number of ios and android app. Make… Continue Reading

QScanner – QR & Barcode Pro

The QScanner – QR & Barcode Pro is a android application which allows user to scan QRcode and Barcode and generate QRcode in a systematic manner. You’re gonna like it. This product provides you easy way to make your own… Continue Reading

FireApp Chat – Android Chatting App with Groups Inspired by WhatsApp

FireApp is a Real-Time complete chatting app with ‘Tap and Hold’ to Record and share voice messages . you can share images, audio, video, contact, even sharing your location!. App Features NOneed to buyan external server ,you can deploy it… Continue Reading

Smart Ringtone maker

Tired of looking for decent MP3 Cutter or Ringtone Cutter? Do you want to cut music at your own pace, even while you are on the go? do you get bored from Existing device Tone? are you looking for something… Continue Reading

Advance FCM Manager / Advance Firebase Panel

Web server requirements PHP +7.0 (enable curl extension) MySql 5.x Composer package Laravel Feturse + Firebase notification implementation + 11 Types of notification + Multi App + Delivered Report + Clicked Report + Archives + Mobile statistics + Rich analytical… Continue Reading