Music Downloader iOS10-13+, Swift 5

You will regret not owning this great music application today. While you are hesitant, the other smart agile developers have taken this opportunity to save time and effort developing a music application as quickly as possible. They can then upload… Continue Reading

WordPress Carousel Plugin with Layout Builder

The best Carousels pack for WordPress. Choose from +20 different customisable Carousel layouts we created just for your needs. This pack is truly awesome and unique in its design and usability. Carousel Features Fully WordPressCompatible +20 Carousels to choose from… Continue Reading

Plugin Ads Advanced For Wowonder

Thank you a wowonder autor for idea and script this code is posible. Wowonder 1.4x Supported Plugin Ads Advanced For Wowonder is a plugin for Wowonder. From now your users can post Ads Advanced in his wall, and tab rigth,… Continue Reading