Jungle Dash 3D-Construct 2 (capx+html5)

With advanced use of mathematics in 2d game engine ,here comes another pseudo 3d infinite running game with awesome gameplay. Mobile: Use instruction given in game. Pc: Use keyboard arrow keys. Features: -HTML5 game compatible with both PC and Mobile… Continue Reading

GoUploader Images & Files HTML5 (multiuploader)

Is a jQuery plugin and used to upload multiple images and files to the server. This written only with JavaScript and HTML5, it is very easy to configure and customize (you can customize almost all its elements, is very complete),… Continue Reading

Shaman's Way – Premium HTML5 RPG Card Game

The Shaman’s Way is addictive dungeon crawler role-playing card game in a mystical shaman setting! Features: adventure map with 20 levels a new card opens after each level 15 mystical items card 15 dangerous enemies cards 3 runes-boosters 3 shaman… Continue Reading

Retro Racing 3d- Construct 2 (capx+html5)

Since day to day advancement in gaming technology ,old games are just about to get erased.With same old concept of implementing pseudo 3d on 2d game engine, I recreated Infinite racing game. Hope you enjoy and may help you regain… Continue Reading

Apollo – Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player

A full width responsive HTML5 Audio Player compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Artist image or vinyl record animation. It supports .mp3 and .ogg audio files   IF YOU NEED THE WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR THIS PRODUCT, YOU CAN… Continue Reading

3D Photo Cloud

3D Photo Cloud Gallery is an advanced feature-rich javascript web application with beautiful design and extreme flexibility. Photo items are distributed randomly in 3D space where they can float freely in horizontal or vertical axis. When activated, each photo is… Continue Reading