TouchCarousel – jQuery Content Scroller and Slider

TouchCarousel is mobile-friendly and lightweight jQuery content scroller with touch navigation for mobile and desktop. May be used as carousel, banner rotator and image gallery. It’s used by top , and simple . Features: Touch navigation for supported devices. Paging… Continue Reading

Advanced Pricing Table

You can create a table of price lists and plans on your site quite easily You can also customize Assar Pricing | Responsive Modern Pricing Table Easily change to HTML 5, CSS3 codes If you need help, you can call… Continue Reading

SVG Avatars Generator – jQuery Plugin

This is a jQuery version, the WordPress Plugin is . This jQuery integrated script (with some PHP files on a server side) lets your visitors to create customavatars. The Avatars Generator is based on SVG(Scalable Vector Graphic), which is supported… Continue Reading

RespoSlider – Responsive Testimonial Slider

RespoSlider About RespoSlider RespoSlider was built to serve up the best responsive testimonial jQuery slider. We plan to maintain this plugin and provide support to users implementing RespoSlider into their sites. Responsive web design can be tricky, but I hope… Continue Reading

Cloud Pricing Slider

Cloud/VPS Pricing Slider For Web Hosting Providers This pricing slider is designed considering requirements of Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Server providers. It is very easy to modify and customize according to requirements. It can be configured with WHMCS order… Continue Reading

Cloud Slider – Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Cloud Slideris a responsive jQuery sliderplugin. It supports many features like: fully responsive, touchenabled, smoothlayered animation, 2d & 3d transitions, 18easily customizable built-in skins, unlimited2d & 3d carouselsand category carousel(multi carousel in a slider), ken-burnseffect, video embeddingand powerful APIs. General… Continue Reading

Tempus – SVG Animated Countdown – Mega Package

Tempusis built as a plugin for jQuery and the visual part of it is made with Raphael js, which supports animations even in old browsers, not to mention that the visual part is displayed as SVG (scalable vector graphic), maintaining… Continue Reading

NinjaGantt – Simple Gantt JS

Description This is a jQuery plugin to create a Gantt model in your page. Very simple to use and customize. Why use it? Elastic html Simple to load and customize Fixed headers Horizontal split bar Easily customizable style Tested and… Continue Reading

Easy 360° Product Viewer WordPress Plugin

What is Easy 360° Product Viewer WordPress Plugin? Easy 360° Product Viewerit’s a a rich-feature and unique wordpress plugin with a fully responsive layout which allows to display a large number of images from different angles of a 2D or… Continue Reading