MININK – Premium Link or URL Shortener

MININKis your very own, self-hosted & beautiful link or URL shortener script written in PHP. It’s foundation uses the best of PHP world i.e., Symfonyfor business logic and Twigfor templates for easy customization. Many built-in features including but not limited… Continue Reading

Linkii Link Exchange Manager

Linkii Manager is a small but powerful tool to enable you to manage your sites’ link portfolio. You can easily add, edit and remove links from your links pages as well as ensure that all linkbacks are maintained by the… Continue Reading

Qopi – WhatsApp and Short Link Generator

What is this? Qopi is a script to create a ‘WhatsApp Click to Chat’ link generator, besides with this script you can also shorten the URL. Qopi is based on the popular PHP framework Laravel with version 5.5. So, the… Continue Reading

Animated & 3D CSS3 Button Pack

This CSS3 button pack includes 5 styles of modern animated and 3D buttons with hover and active states. Each style is available in 5 colors for a total of 25 buttons in all. 5 Custom icons included! Button Descriptions: –… Continue Reading