CalcuDoku – HTML5 Game

CalcuDoku is a HTML5 game where you have to fill in the grid so that every row and every column contains the digits. Each box must also be calculated according to number and operator, there is only 1 solution for… Continue Reading

Math Puzzle Game – Android

Math puzzle is a very interesting game to test your Math skills. This game helps you to increase your basic math problem-solving skills. Game Features ✔ Attractive UI. ✔ Math Puzzles. ✔ Multi-levels. ✔ Leaderboards ✔ Achievements ✔ Different Challenges… Continue Reading

Roboclock – Analog to Digital Clock

Roboclock is an educational game for kids to practice reading analog clock and able to find the digital version. This game is easy to play. There are four modes of difficulty choice : Basic, Half, Quarter, and Expert. Just click… Continue Reading

QountTV | tvOS Apple TV Math Game Template (Swift)

QountTV | tvOS AppleTV Math Game Template (Swift) Sep 24th 2016 • Updated to XCode 8 Apr 2nd 2016 * Updated to XCode 7.3 QountTVis a funny game with infinite levels where you have to make additions between numbers to… Continue Reading