Perfex CRM Admin Light Theme

NOTE: This is not a standalone theme, the theme module requires application installed, this is a theme module for Perfex CRM. Description: Admin light theme for Perfex CRM redesigns the admin theme and improves customer experience by adding simple white… Continue Reading

Perfex CRM – Flat theme

Note:This is nota standalone script. It is a frontend theme(customers area) for Perfex CRMthat can be purchased Brief description Flat themefor Perfex CRM, redesigns the customer’s experience by adding flat aesthetics at your frontend user interface. Demo website Since the… Continue Reading

Chattr – Private Messaging System for Perfex CRM

Chattris a private messaging system for perfex with a real time chat application between administrators, staffs and clients. It comes with lots of features like photo,file sharing, emoticons, like e.t.c and we are continuously updating it Note: This is not… Continue Reading