COVID-19 Coronavirus – Viral Pandemic Prediction Tools WordPress Plugin

What Can You Do With This Plugin? COVID-19 Coronavirus – Viral Pandemic Prediction Tools Plugin for WordPressis a breaking edge pandemic modeling software, that will allow you to visualize using charts and tables with estimated data, the possible impact of… Continue Reading

Prophecy – An Online Game Predictior

Short Description “Prophecy” is a online prediction management system. It can be used to guess the result of WorldCup / Tournament matches in a kind of prediction. The players compete in guessing the correct result of some kind of match.… Continue Reading

AucBID – Bid And Win Auction Platform

AucBID is a PHP Laravel auction script which Enable opportunity to sell your products to your customer by BIDDING. Increase revenue and user engagement by selling products on auction. interested person will bid on the available products and the winner… Continue Reading

9Bet – Online Betting Platform

9Bet Overview: 9Bet is an online Betting platform, there are 9 ball’s inside userpanel, user able to bet any ball or multiple balls. admin able to control games, Ball’s, winner’s and schedules of Betting. our sports platform provides players with… Continue Reading