Ultimate Email Ticketing System – iTicket

iTicketis a sophisticated PHP system based on
Laravel Framework, to ensure a better relationship with Clients.

Users are not bound to register on this system before they can
create tickets. They can easily make contact with the staffs by
sending a mail to the support email address setup with this script.

Designed to offer your clients a great user experience, where
they can submit new Tickets or Bug Reports and keep in touch with
you or your Agents.

iTicket as well supports file attachment with support tickets.
(also via email which is saved on the system, made available for
viewing to the staff).

Copy of agents’ Replies are sent to the
users email address (with attachment of any file uploaded).

…below is an outline of a few of its features!


  • Elegant Design:Fully responsive design Built with
  • User System:Users can monitor/track their
    activities, and tickets created. Users can have either of the three
    roles, Administrator (which has the highest privilege), Staff (to
    which tickets are assigned for response), Client (which are solely
    responsible for submitting tickets).

    • Also added is a secured password recovery option.
    • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing.
    • Live user notification on new tickets/reply or status
    • Clean user profile display.
    • Easy and quick client registration support
  • Email Notification:A copy of reply to tickets is
    sent to user’s email address
  • Inbound Mail:During the course of setting up this
    script, below you will find a comprehensive walkthrough on how to
    route your preferable support email address to this script using

    • Secured! New mail sent from an external is screened for
      security checks, to avoid spam.
    • Mail sent from an existing user is processed and submitted as a
      new ticket on behalf of the user.
    • Mail sent from a new user is also processed, a new account is
      created for the user, and a new ticket is posted on behalf on user.
      Login details is sent to him/her for ticket monitoring purpose.
      Nonetheless, it is not necessary for the user to come back on the
    • Staff and User can easily reply to tickets through email, while
      all records of tickets history are stored on the platform.
    • This script can easily process file attachments sent with an
      inbound mail, and make it available on the platform for staffs to
  • Grouping by Departments:Staff are grouped into
    departments, by which clients are able to target the right set of
    staffs, and get quality support.
  • FAQs:FAQs can be added under each departments in
    the admin section to make even more happy customers. These are
    displayed in the home page of the site.
  • Secure File Attachment:Ticket creation supports
    file sharing between staff and clients
  • Avatar Support:iTicket supports avatar on all
    profiles. Such makes clients aware of whoever is responding to
    their tickets
  • Online Status:Each
    staff/admin’s profile indicates their online
    status. So as to ensure assignment of tickets to a staff which is
    likely to respond quickly.
  • Full Automation:The following activities are
    taking care of by the script at regular bases using cronjob.

    • Auto assignment of new tickets to any available staff under the
      client specified department.
    • Auto closure of replied and outdated tickets
  • Powerful Administrator Dashboard:Fully equipped
    with a nice interface to help administrator in the full
    customization of the site, and management of user tickets.

    • Graphical portray of tickets/site statistics. (Pie Charts and
    • Card view of staff and admin profiles with online status
    • A quick side bar which displays in realtime, Top staffs/users
      and the number of their responses to tickets.
  • …and much more


  • Administrator:

    • Username:
    • Password:
  • Staff:

    • Username:
    • Password:
  • Client:

    • Username:
    • Password:


  • PHP:>= 7.0
  • MySQLDatabase
  • Mailgun Account:Needed for Inbound Mail Setup
  • Mod Rewritemodule enabled

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Ultimate Email Ticketing System – iTicket

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