Video Blogster Pro – import YouTube videos to WordPress. Also DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, more

Import content from video and music sites into WordPress for
unlimited amounts of fresh search engine food to update your niche
blog all day, every day.

Supports the following media sites:

YouTube, DailyMotion, GiantBomb, SoundCloud, Spotify, MixCloud,
and Vimeo.

Compatible with the latest WordPress and YouTube API v3.

How does it work?

Each Video Blogster feed is a query for a channel, playlist,
keyphrase, etc. that is sent to the media site’s API. The API
returns the results of the query, and Video Blogster creates a
WordPress post for each item returned, including comments, tags,
categories, statistics and it even imports the featured image. Your
theme handles the rest.

These Video Blogster feeds can be scheduled to run in the
background to continually look for new video content, letting your
site build itself automatically.

Yes, Video Blogster includes advanced processing, so you can
spin content, translate languages, remove text or links, have full
control of the content layout, and more. You can save as any user,
any post type, any status, any format, and any taxonomy.

It’s super easy to use, extremely flexible and can work with any
theme! If your theme uses custom meta fields for saving video data,
you can even tell Video Blogster to save those custom meta fields
as well. Includes built-in detection for these premium video themes
that use custom meta fields:

Using another premium theme that uses custom fields for video
data? No problem, we can make it work – you just need the names of
those custom fields the theme uses. Contact me if you need

Fully Supported

  • FREE Lifetime Updates. You will get all future upgrades and
  • FREE Lifetime Bug Fixes. Find a problem? Let me know and I will
    CRUSH it.
  • Dedicated Support.
    Authorwill promptly answer your questions and help you with
    any compatibility issues on your site. Support is NOT outsourced

Watch this quick demo to pull in YouTube videos:

Autoblogging Solution

  • Add an unlimited number of video feeds to automatically create
    new content.
  • Each video is imported as a new post – title, description,
    author, category, views, ratings, tags, comments, etc are
    available. Great for SEO!
  • Scheduler will automatically keep fetching fresh content from
    multiple video feeds.
  • Videos are embedded on your site – no streaming bandwidth
  • Your site will continuously update with or without you!
  • Numerous options for maximum flexibility.
  • The scheduler will automatically find and flag posts with
    embedded media that have been removed from the original upload
    site. Surfers never need to see a blank media player.
    What other auto-blogger has this?

Quick Content

  • Curate tons of specific content related to your site
  • Fetch new videos immediately and fill out the site with the
    click of the import button.
  • New posts will have all the video details you require – just
    edit as you like and publish!
  • Does all the hard work automatically – no need to manually
    search sites for video content and copy into your post.

Easy to Use

  • Set up and options are straightforward and easy to
  • No script knowledge needed.
  • Native support for all WordPress oEmbed players.
  • Can also support any installed video player with direct
    shortcode support like

    • … and more

Extensive Query

  • Import videos from a specific user, channel, group, playlist or
    video ID.
  • Import videos using search queries with multiple keyphrases and
    numerous filters – by category, video duration, regionCode, and
  • Order results by date, relevance, rating, viewCount and more if

Details on each Video

  • Imports highest quality video screenshot into the Media Library
  • Sets the featured post thumbnail automatically.
  • The video title and FULL description is available for the
  • Saves video likes, dislikes, views and more if available.
  • Fully compatible with , and many other plugins!

Import Video

  • Can save video comments too.
  • Import comments by time or relevance.
  • Only import comments with certain keywords.
  • Import replies to comments too!
  • Great for showing activity on your site!

Customize Post Title & Content

  • Layout how you want the WordPress post however you want using
  • Uses template tags to display any of the video information
    wherever you want.
  • Allows insertion of advertising code such as Google AdSense


  • Option to skip importing videos with duplicate content.
  • Option to update content already imported with the latest
    statistics and comments.
  • Skip videos that have/do not have certain keyphrases.
  • Skip videos without a minimum number of views.
  • Skip videos according to dates or durations.
  • Skip any video IDs on the blacklist.
  • Set the minimum date necessary to import the video.
  • Translate the video title and description using Google
    Translate or Microsoft Azure.
  • Option to remove URLs completely from video description and/or
  • Set limits on the video title & description by length or
  • Option to remove unwanted characters from the title.
  • Option to linkify embeddable URLs in the video description
    and/or comments.
  • Ability to search and replace keyphrases with full spintax
  • Fully integrated to support Spin Rewriter and to create unique
  • Flexible templates for the post title, body and even the
    imported image filename.
  • Ability to add new custom fields with any video data.
  • Option to create an excerpt automatically from the video
  • Option to import categories and tags from the video right into

SEO Friendly

  • No duplicate content. Each video is a unique post.
  • More unique posts = more search engine food!

WordPress Control

  • Automatically creates a post from each video result.
  • Save posts as a specific user or a random user.
  • Supports saving as custom post types.
  • Set post status to draft, pending, private or published.
  • Set post format to standard, video and lots more.
  • Set the post native and custom taxonomies.
  • Option to use video published dates instead of the current date
    for new posts and comments.


  • Imports embeddable videos as WordPress content so it can work
    with ANY theme and ANY other plugins.
  • Can specify custom meta fields to support premium themes or
    plugins that use them.
  • Imported content does not rely on the plugin to work – will
    keep forever unlike other auto blogging plugins.

Logging of Events

  • Can see each video found and imported.
  • Multiple levels of logging to see summaries, details, or
    debugging on the fly.
  • Verbose mode shows exactly what is going on each step.

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PHP v 5.2
or greater

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Video Blogster Pro – import YouTube videos to WordPress. Also DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, more

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