WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields

WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fieldsallows you to
create custom checkout and customer fields, give customers more
input and improve checkout experience. Build, manage and optimize
your online store for a premium user experience, and make every
field work for you.

If you are looking to create fields for other areas of your
WooCommerce shop, be sure to check our main plugin which allows you
to create Product Fields, Product Properties, Checkout Fields,
Customer Fields and Order Fields using the same user interface.

  • Display WooCommerce custom fields on the Checkout page
  • Gather additional billing, shipping and general order
  • Easily customize the position of the field on the Checkout
  • Data available on order page for both shop managers and
  • Provide additional user-related fields on checkout
  • Gather tax-related information, like VAT number (for
  • Ask customers for birth dates and other information
  • Fields also available in WordPress, under “User Profile”

  • Supports text, text area, password, email, number, datepicker,
    select, multiselect, checkboxes, radio buttons and file upload
  • Gather additional order information on checkout
  • Gather additional user information by using user fields
  • Accept files from customers on checkout
  • Set allowed file types and file sizes
  • Attach files to WooCommerce emails for convenient order
  • Limit maximum number of characters that can be entered
  • Shop managers can edit user input to fix any mistakes
  • Set placeholders and default values for almost all field
  • Configure conditions that must be matched for the field to be
  • Add custom CSS to style each field individually
  • Hooks and functions to interact with plugin
Version 2.3.1, 28 June 2019
* Fix - Translation files for text domain "rightpress" not loaded
* Tweak - Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.3, 21 June 2019
* Initial release

This extension requires WordPress 4.9+, WooCommerce 3.2+ and PHP

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WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields

Download - WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields

Download this file @ Usenet.nl (woocommerce-custom-checkout-fields.zip)